Clif Bar supporting the Onimpex National Cyclo-cross Championships

Clif Bar logoClif Bar & Company was founded in 1992 by U.S. athlete and entrepreneur Gary Erickson. In 1990, during a 175 mile bike ride Erickson’s distaste with hard-to-stomach energy bars peaked. During that ride, in a moment he now calls “the epiphany,” the inspiration for CLIF® BAR was born.

Gary took his idea to the best baker he knew, his mum, and for the next six months the two experimented with ingredients and recipes—mixing, baking and tossing out bars that weren’t good enough. Finally, Gary settled on the right recipe—a nutritionally-dense, great tasting food with the right combination of carbohydrates, protein and fibre to deliver sustained energy. Gary named his creation CLIF BAR in honour of his father, Clifford, the man who introduced him to wilderness adventures and encouraged him to follow his passions in life.

In 1992, CLIF BAR was formally launched. An instant hit with cyclists and climbers, CLIF BAR’S distribution began at bike shops, outdoor stores and natural food retailers. Soon CLIF BAR’S popularity grew with outdoor adventure seekers of all types, and distribution expanded to include grocery stores and other retail outlets. Eighteen years later, Clif Bar & Company remains a leader in great-tasting, sports nutrition foods and healthy snacking.

Privately held by Erickson and his wife, Kit Crawford, Clif Bar & Company is committed to sustaining people, the community and the planet and supporting athletes and active individuals as they pursue their passions.

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