Results: Cycle Derby’s youngsters races

Cycle Derby logoOnce again our colleagues at Cycle Derby did a fantastic job running racing for youngsters on the Sunday of the National championships weekend!


Under 8’s
1st Bryn Lawrence
2nd Tom Newall
3rd Tom Woaf
4th Lewis Billington
5th Harry Fox
6th Dillon Air
7th Leo Bass
8th First Girl Kate Shaw
9th George Cooper
10th Oli Newall
11th Mathew Varley
12th Seb Beadle
13th Oliver Fox
14th Thomas Hoy
15th Hayley Gel
16th Roch Morgan
17th Oliver Clark
18th Summer marshel
19th Will Woodward
20th Ingrid Gasgoine
21st Molly Hammon
22nd Josh Saville
23rd Elizabeth Parker
24th Susie Air
25th Hannah Shaw
26th Hannah Hardy Smith
Under 10’s
1st Alex Armstrong
2nd Jake Kennedy
3rd Finlay Bass
4th Thomas Prince
5th & 1st Girl Holly Hoy
6th James Briggs
7th Owen Prince
8th Iden Air
9th Alfie Ashton
10th Jessica Lindridge
11th Max Morris
12th Isla Sparks
13th Robbie Boam
14th Dylan Ocallaghon
15th Flinn Hunt
16th Samuel Brownword
Under 12’s
1st Jack Brough
2nd & 1st Girl Anna Flynn
3rd Amber Scales
4th Michael Newall
5th Lucy Buckley
6th Oscar Oshea
7th Jack Mossman
8th Chad Ditheridge
9th Richard Watson
Under 14’s & 16’s
1st Hamish
2nd & 1st Girl Heather Jones
3rd Brandon Wagon
4th Isobelle Hardy Smith
Under 9’s Cycle Derby Championship Support Race
1st Otto Chilton
2nd Tom Wadsworth
3rd Luke Harris
4th Jake Kennedy
5th Bryn Lawrence
6th &1st Girl Holly Hoy
7th Dougie Main
8th Declan Oldham
9th Corys Simmonds
10th Thomas prince
11th Tom Woolf
12th Finlay Bass
13th Samual Thomas
14th Tom Newall
15th Owen Prince
16th Thomas Silvester
17th George Cooper
18th Olivia Fox
19th Kate Shaw
Under 12’s Cycle Derby Championship Support Race
1st Ben Chilton
2nd Emile Alexander
3rd Christian Boon
4th Aidan Lawrence
5th & 1st Girl Anna Wadsworth
6th Jack Husselbee
7th Joshua Giddings
8th Sarah Briggs
9th Zack Harris
10th Anna Flynn
11th Luice Simmonds
12th Joe Thorpe
13th Amelia Wayte
14th Sannah Laman
15th Jack Brough
16th Alex Armstrong
17th Michael Newall
18th James Silvester

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