Results – Youngster’s races

Cycle Derby youngsters race winners

Cycle Derby youngsters race winners

Huge THANK YOU! to the Cycle Derby team for running the youngsters races in Osmaston Park supporting the National Trophy last Sunday!

Thanks also to the support from Raleigh UK.

Here are the results of their various races:

NT Support – Under 9’s NT Support – Under 12’s
1st Ben Mellor
2nd Seb Varley
3rd Jude Dutort
4th Tom Wolf
5th Dillon Air
6th George parker
7th Thomas Sylvester
8th Harry Fox
9th Dennis Cundy
10th 1st Girl Lydia Fox
1st Aiden Lawrence
2nd Joe Thorpe
3rd J.Kinnmouth
4th Kile Blackmore
5th Spencer Davies
6th Alex Armstrong
7th Otto Chilton
8th L.Chamberlin
9th Sam Gould
10th Bryn Richards
11th Flynne Gregory
12th Mike newall
13th Bryn Lawrence
14th Sonny Jamieson
15th Jake Kennedy
16th Sam Marsh
17th Samual Thomas
18th Emily Richards
19th Finly Hill
20th James Silvester
21st Annabel Parker
22nd Louis Smith
23rd Betty Cresswell

Cycle Derby races

U8s U10s U12s U14s U16s
1st Jude Dutort
2nd Tom Woolf
3rd Dillon Air
4th Harry Fox
5th Thomas Silvester
6th Lucas Blake
7th James Nellist
8th & 1st Girl Ingrid Gasgoigne
9th Molly Hammond
10th Jake Hart
11th Freya Kirkpatrick
12th Finley Galley
13th James Mercer
14th William Mercer
15th Susie Air
1st Jake Kennedy
2nd Ben Mellor
3rd Patrick Welsh
4th Seb Varley
5th Huw wilson
6th George Parker
7th & 1st Girl Lola Jamieson
8th Olivia Fox
1st Mike Newall
2nd Sonny Jamieson
3rd Jessica Tiffany
4th Annabel Parker
5th Lucas Chamberlin
6th Finley Hill
7th Archie Mercer
1st Beth Stevens 1st Heather Jones
2nd Rebecca Laurel

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